Boob biopsy 2

Today I had a biopsy on my boob. I took Hestia with me, and Brad waited in the car with Alice.

Everything went very well! I had the same nurse who did my ultrasound last month, and she remembered us (not like we’re memorable or anything LOL!).

I had a different doctor than had consulted with me last month, but he was totally fine with Hestia being there. He said it was a first for him to do a biopsy with a service dog in the room, but as long as she was going to be calm it’d be fine. I assured him that Hestia has sat through root canals before so this would be nothing!

They had me lie on my back and needed my whole chest as a sterile field, so Hestia lay between my legs. She was super still the whole time!

My doctor and nurse were great. The doctor explained everything he was doing before he touched me each timeā€”he must have experience with PTSD! I didn’t tell them I had PTSD, but he still treated me that way which was awesome. They really should treat everyone this way, though.

I felt a few pinches as they numbed me up, but no pain at all except for a little pressure for the rest of the procedure. It went really fast, too! Then I was in and out of a mammogram like lightning. All in all I was there from start to finish for just over an hour! I was very pleased!

The doctor and nurse couldn’t stop raving about how well behaved Hestia was. I think they’ll have no qualms in the future about doing biopsies with service dogs on the bed given how much they enjoyed Hestia! Yes, they did talk to her a few times before, during, and afterwards, but I didn’t mind. They were happy to see her, she was comfortable with them, so all was well.

Now I just can’t carry Hestia for the rest of the day! Alice is light enough that I can carry her, though! I’ll take it easy today, and hopefully be all healed up soon! I get my results on Thursday.

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