Alice and me at the GP

Today I had to see my GP. I decided to take Alice since Hestia will be going with me to the rheumatologist on Thursday.

Alice did very well! It was really hot out, so she was panting a lot at first from the hot car (even with the AC full blast!) and the walk into the building.

We had to wait a while in the waiting room for our appointment, but eventually it was our turn.

While the nurse was doing my intake in the exam room, Alice was a tiny bit uncomfortable. But she calmed down quickly when I pet her. By the time the nurse was done taking my blood pressure, Alice was back to normal.

Before my GP came in, I had to go give a urine sample, and Alice did great for that as well!

When my GP arrived, she told me that I could’ve made this a virtual appointment—I did not know that she did virtual appointments! Too bad, or else I would’ve done one!

We got a new medication dose sorted out, and I updated her on my recent medical appointments.

Then I was out of there and on my way home! Here’s hoping this medication increase helps!

I got a selfie of me and Alice in the exam room. I’m wearing an off-the-shoulder blue and purple dress with a purple butterfly in my hair and a blue mask. Alice is a tiny sable and white Japanese Chin in a rainbow pouch. She has her tongue out and is looking off to the side.

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