20 years of marriage! 2

Today is Brad and my 20th anniversary! That’s right, we got married 20 years ago today!

To celebrate, we had a little party on Brad’s parents’ patio. I was supposed to bring meringue cookies, but with all that is going on with Alice’s health and cooking her food and such, I just couldn’t manage it yesterday.

So before heading to his parents’ house, we went to Earth Fare to get some cookies we could eat. I wanted to bring both Hestia and Alice to the party, which meant they both had to go to Earth Fare with me.

I pouched Alice and she was fantastic!!!! She was 100% comfortable the whole store! What a little rockstar.

Hestia, however, was not quite as good. She was really good for the first part of the store and I was super impressed with her heeling!

However there was one part of the store with a scrap of cardboard on the ground. She REALLY wanted that cardboard to play with! She was pulling to try to get it, and even flopped over on her side to try to reach it! She just would not listen to me, so I had to stop looking at that section and move on. Silly Hestia!

She also chose to take a nap in the cookie aisle! The cookies I was planning on getting aren’t sold at Earth Fare anymore, so I had to read ingredient labels on like every single cookie package there to see what people could eat. At first Hestia was coming along with me to read each label, but she got tired. So she just laid down and took a nap and REFUSED to move when I needed to scotch a little to grab a different box! It was so embarrassing!

I think she’s really getting ready to retire soon. That or she’d rather be pouched when in a store for a while. We were there for 45 minutes, which is a long outing compared to our normal quick in and out errands we do.

Next we headed over to the party. It ended up being us, Brad’s parents, Brad’s aunt and cousin, and Betsey, Dan, and Tommy from NAMI. We had a lot of fun! The food was all excellent, and the conversation was, too!

I told the story of the day of our wedding, and then Brad brought out something he had written just for the occasion.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the patio once Brad finished reading his proclamation of love! It was so so sweet. Too bad he didn’t warn me so I could have prepared something, too!

We stayed until it almost got dark, then everyone headed home. It was a great little party! Just the respite I needed from my weeks of doctors appointments!

Here’s to another 20 years with my sweetie!

I’ve included below a picture from our wedding album. It shows us in our wedding attire walking down the aisle after getting married.

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