Brad’s got a good heart 2

Today we went to Brad’s follow up appointment with the cardiologist. Last time we talked with him, he said he thought Brad had POTS which basically means that when Brad stands up, his heart rate goes up. But he wanted to do an echocardiogram and heart monitor just to be safe.

We did those tests, and today we found out the results.

I decided to take Alice. Last time we met with the cardiologist, I took Alice and she was a bit uncomfortable only in the exam room but not in the waiting room. I decided to take her again because we expected no significant results from the cardiologist, so I would be able to leave at any time if I needed to.

This time she was much better! Again she was totally calm in the waiting room.

She got a little stimulated for a couple of minutes when we went into the exam room, but after I pet her for a minute, she relaxed and was completely relaxed for the rest of the appointment! Yay, go Alice!

The cardiologist said that all Brad’s test results are normal, so he only has POTS. Since he’s already in a wheelchair, that’s an easy diagnosis to live with! Just compression socks and electrolyte drinks (he’s found some really excellent ones!).

We got pictures of each other in the office. Brad is wearing orange pants, a grey shirt, blue scarf, orange tie, black blazer, black and blue mask, orange and black hat, an orange bull brooch, and heart-EKG line socks. I am wearing my new pink boho dress with a purple mask. Alice is in a rainbow sling, and she is a tiny sable and white Japanese Chin.

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