Mammogram take two 1

This morning I had to have my 3D mammogram because my 2D mammogram showed an abnormal bit of tissue.

This time it was much easier because I got there about 10 minutes earlier so the place was empty. I was the second person called back to do the check-in, so there wasn’t a lot of background noise or anything and I could understand the person checking me in.

I had a very nice mammogram tech who knew about service dogs! She was great. Hestia moved a little bit during my mammogram, but not too much from where I left her.

Then I had to wait in my hospital gown in the “ladies lounge” for my results. Turns out the spot of tissue was still there. So then it was time for an ultrasound.

The ultrasound room was FREEZING cold!!! So I put Hestia up right next to my head on the pillow to try to keep me warm! The ultrasound tech’s ex-husband uses a psychiatric service dog, so she also knew all about service dogs. It was great!

Luckily neither the mammogram nor ultrasound hurt too much. Hestia was great during the ultrasound!

But it turns out that my abnormal bit of breast tissue is still unresolved. The radiologist said it “doesn’t look ugly” so it’s probably not cancer, but they still want to do a biopsy just to be sure. I’m not too worried about it.

They said it would be fine to have Hestia in the room with me for the biopsy, but she’d have to be closer to my feet than my head for that part. No problem! I’m just glad they were all so understanding about service dogs!

Now I’m home and huddling under a blanket to try to get warm!

I got a selfie of me in my hospital gown with Hestia in the ladies lounge!

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One thought on “Mammogram take two


    That is so great that the staff is well-versed in-service dogs. Good job Hestia!
    I had to go through the ultrasound. and biopsy thing myself this year.
    Mine was fine and she said most of the time It is not cancer, but they want to rule it out.
    So I’m like yes please Let rule it out so you don’t have to think about it anymore.