We’re reviewers!

Brad and I have been selected to be a part of Amazon’s review program where we can choose from select products, get them for free, and provide honest reviews of them. It’s been pretty darned awesome so far!!! We’ve gotten a lot of stuff that we would often have only fantasized about getting in the past! I’ll showcase some of it here for you.

Dress #1 is a peach, green, and teal boho dress with sleeves that can be on or off shoulder. When wearing the dress, practically the sleeves are almost always off-shoulder. This is the most beautiful dress I got!

Dress #2 is a light blue dress with white and pink flowers (maybe Magnolias?) on it. It is tight across the bodice with an empire waist and has pockets. It is one of the most comfortable ones.

Dress #3 is an eggplant dress that is fit and flare with short sleeves that are kinda pushed up a little. I got it to wear with leggings in the spring and fall.

Dress #4 is light and dark blue with orange in a mandala style pattern. It has a strip of elastic down the bodice and is extremely flattering and comfortable. The only problem is the fabric pattern is slightly off center. But it has pockets! I want this dress in another color!

Dress #5 has light blue cornflowers on it. I feel like I’m on a prarie while wearing it– the fabric has a kinda pioneer vibe to it. It is a long dress with a high neckline and an empire waist. The bottom of the dress has a ruffle around it (and you can see my feet with a sandal suntan on them!).

Dress #6 is an orangey-brown and pink and blue paisley print. It is an A line dress with a belt and pockets! It is a super cute cut on me!

I also got another shirt to go with leggings. It is my first ever cold-shoulder shirt! It is black with two thin spaghetti straps and flowy short sleeves.

I wasn’t the only one to get a dress for writing Amazon reviews! Hestia got one, too! At our Easter celebration, Alice had a beautiful spring dress and Hestia didn’t have one! So of course when I saw this on there, I had to remedy that fact. Bonus, it’s cotton! It is a lavender dress with nature print and a belt of purple tulle flowers.

The pups also got a thick grey memory foam bed with bolsters on it. Alice has recently destroyed two beds with her digging, so here’s hoping this one lasts!

Hestia gets hot spots and needs to wear a cone sometimes. We got her an inflatable pink piggy donut cone to wear instead of her normal hard plastic uncomfortable one from the vet’s office.

Hestia got a neon green lick bowl! It is like a lick mat where you smear peanut butter on a ribbed surface, but in bowl form. You can turn the bowl inside out, which I have done for these pictures. She loves it! Alice isn’t so sure.

Alice got a lick toy of her own! It is a red rubber lick toy that has a narrow part that sticks through crate bars and then a big round part. You stick the narrow part through the crate bars, then turn it so that it can’t be dislodged. Alice loves it both smeared with peanut butter and without peanut butter LOL!

We also got a white background for photography! Enjoy these pictures of Veronica in the cornflower dress and Alice and Hestia in front of the white backdrop.

Alice enjoyed modeling with these teal linen napkins! Brad uses two napkins with every meal, and ours are getting very stained and worn. So these are a perfect addition!

We also got some sheer lavender drapes for backdrops, as well! In these pictures, Veronica in the cornflower dress is peeking out from between them.

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