Two quick errands

Today we had to do two quick errands. We took both dogs, and practiced using the carrier that I will be using in the airport and during testing at the convention (I administer service dog tests). It is a purple bag with sky blue trim. Alice doesn’t really enjoy being in the bag, and keeps trying to crawl up on my chest as if I had a pouch for her. Hopefully she’ll get more used to it soon, otherwise I might just have to pouch Alice and hold Hestia on my lap with one hand while doing testing and in the airport.

Our first stop was the psychiatrist’s office. Alice needed some reassurance being in the bag in the waiting room, but after a little bit of petting she was OK. It was good to see my psych nurse! She is awesome and we get along together great. We are keeping all my meds the same. When I explained that I was going to have to call the pharmacy to get my prescription early so I’d have enough to go on our trip (I would normally be getting a refill mid-trip), she offered me some samples! So yay, now I have one less thing I need to do before we leave!

Our second stop was the vet. Hestia needed her distemper vaccination. Everyone at the office LOVES her! They were fawning over how cute and well behaved she was the whole time she was there. They weighed her and her diet has been going better than I thought—she weighs only 8 lbs 12 oz! She should be 9 lbs! Boy oh boy does that news make Hestia happy—more FOOD!!!! They said Alice could stand to gain a little, as well, but we already knew that and have been trying to get her to gain weight for a while now.

Now we are back home and resting.

We got two pictures from the psychiatrist’s office. The first is of me sitting with the purple bag on my lap and Hestia and Alice poking their heads out of it. The second is of Brad in the office. He is wearing yellow pants, a green shirt and blazer, yellow tie, yellow mask, a jaguar pin, and a pastel multicolored hat.

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