Fastest doctor’s appointment ever

This morning I went to my doctor’s office to see a new doctor about my arm pain. Ever since my blood draw on Friday, I’ve had stabbing pain in my arm when I extend it and about half the time that I grasp something. My doctor didn’t have any appointments until next week, so I saw someone else at the practice.

It was the fastest doctor appointment ever! My appointment was scheduled for 9:30, and I arrived at 9:12. At 9:18 they called me back to have the nurse talk with me. About two minutes after the nurse left, the doctor came into the room.

He said it sounds like I have an inflamed or damaged nerve from the blood draw. He said there isn’t anything he can do about it. I should take tylenol or aleve and ice it, and the pain should go away in several weeks probably. I tried to talk more with him about it, but he didn’t have much else to say. I was out of there by 9:26!!! Before my appointment time even started!

I really hope this pain goes away faster than several weeks because I can’t walk dogs on my left side (the side they’ve been trained to) and I can only pick up dogs with my right hand. I keep yelling “ouch!” about 40 times a day when I forget and try to use my arm. It’s not fun at all 🙁

Oh and I took Alice with me because I can carry her in my right arm alone. Hestia requires two arms to carry her, and she hasn’t ever heeled on the right before.

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