Golden hour with friends

Yesterday Sabrina with Indy came over with her husband Russ! They had to be in our area around dinner time, so they stopped by and we got to hang out for a few hours.

It was still light out when they arrived, so we went to our yard where we sat and chatted. Indy has little dogs at home, so knows how to play gently. After several good play attempts with Alice and Hestia on leash, we took the pups off leash and let them play. Indy was so good with the girls!

Alice was really excited at first and really wanted to try to play hard. But then she got a little scared about how big Indy was, so let her sister Hestia take over. Hestia was only too happy to play with Indy! They romped and ran and did a ton of play bowing. It was so cute!

Eventually the humans got hungry so we had turkey sandwiches, chips, and a fruit salad that Sabrina made. It was all very tasty. Russ was even brave enough to try some kombucha!

Pretty soon it got dark, and we stayed outside as long as we could until it got too chilly. Then we headed inside and hung out masked with the windows open. We had loads of fun talking, and I got to show Sabrina all the art on my walls.

Only too quickly was it time for Sabrina and Russ to go. I hope we get to do it again soon!

Brad got some pictures of the pups playing. Indy is a cream colored Golden Retriever. Alice is a sable and white Japanese Chin, and Hestia is a black and white Chin. Some of the notable pictures include Alice soliciting play from Indy, Alice and Indy play bowing, and Hestia and Indy running around wildly!

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