Pizza vet

On Monday we had an unexpected adventure. In the morning, I noticed Hestia licking her tummy and that she had a bit of a rash. I mentioned it to Brad, and he didn’t take a look at it or anything.

So I was trying to sleep my first sleep time, and the pharmacy stopped by to deliver a medication and woke me up. Brad happened to look at Hestia’s tummy for the first time and thought the rash looked like ringworm! So of course before going back to sleep I called my vet to get an appointment.

They were booked for 2.5 weeks out! They suggested we go to Urgent Vet which is like urgent care for animals instead of the emergency vet. I looked them up and they had only a 15 min wait listed on their website at the time. I decided it was worth it to miss a little sleep to head over there while it wasn’t crowded. So in the van we all got and drove over.

When we got there, they said the online thing was wrong and there was actually an hour’s wait! There was a pizza place next door with a patio, so we decided to head over there. They had gluten free pizza! So we placed and order and sat down. While we were waiting for our pizza to come out, the vet called! They had a room available for us to wait in, and if we didn’t get in it soon, they’d give it to the next person who came in!

So when our pizza came out, we ate one slice each really fast, then rushed over to the vet!

They put us in a room where we proceeded to wait 45 more minutes for the vet! Ugh!

Poor Hestia had to get her temperature checked in her butt, and she was not very happy. But the vet was really nice, as was the tech who helped us. They looked at Alice a little, too, after checking out Hestia even!

They said that Hestia’s rash was just a contact allergy—probably from some pollen or other things blooming now. They said we should keep a cone on her to prevent her licking, apply neosporin twice a day, and gave us some medicated antibacterial wipes to use twice a day.

Brad noticed the wipes had fragrance in the ingredient list, so he asked how scented they were. They tech said she had never noticed they had any odor. Well when we got home, I tried the wipes and they had a TON of fragrance!

So basically we went out, I missed my sleep, we spent an hour and a half at the vet and pizza place, and spent a lot of money all to learn that we should apply neosporin!

Oh well, we didn’t know if it was ringworm, so we needed an appointment anyway. But I did feel really guilty about spending so much money.

Brad got some pictures, and they are below. I am wearing my mermaid dress. Brad is wearing a leaf shirt with a peacock scarf, cat bowtie, dog lapel pin, and plaid hat. Alice and Hestia are Japanese Chin wearing purple service dog harnesses. The first few pics are of us sitting outside at the pizza place. Then there are pictures of Hestia getting her temperature taken, and Hestia and Alice getting examined.

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