Alice’s first human medical outing 1

Today Brad and I met with our new GP, and Alice had her first experience with a medical setting! I decided to pouch her because she’s more comfortable in the pouch.

Veronica sits with Alice in a rainbow pouch in the waiting room of the doctor’s office.

We were really happy with the office setup and cleanliness and everything. Our last doctor’s office wasn’t very nice, and this one is super nice! Very wheelchair accessible, and lots of room to move around. It also was not very crowded.

Brad is decked out in St. Paddy’s Day green! He has green pants, a black shirt, burgundy blazer, green hat, green tie, green scarf, green mask, and a shamrock brooch.

Our doctor was running late, so they sent us for bloodwork first. It turns out that the person who used to draw our blood at our old doctor’s office now works at our new doctor’s office! She was happy to see us, and we were happy to see her! She is super friendly and very accepting of my service dog usage.

At first she tried my right arm, but the veins there were really small and they were out of pediatric needles. So she went to my left arm which was the arm where Alice was closest to in her pouch. Alice was GREAT!!! And the blood draw went super smoothly! Brad didn’t need picture of him getting his blood drawn LOL!

Then we went into the exam room and the doctor came in shortly. She was super super nice and very caring and interested in her patients. I am getting a sleep study and a mammogram, and Brad is getting a referral to a cardiologist. I have to come back for another appointment to get X-rays of my hip scheduled and to get treatment for my nausea since the appointment was billed as a wellness visit and not a problem visit. She said at that appointment she could refer me for physical therapy for my hips, but when I told her about my agoraphobia, she suggested that I use a Dr. Jo on Youtube for at-home PT. I was super excited that she was willing to work with my mental illness causing difficulty leaving the house! She also said she could refer me for injections in my hip, but I don’t think my pain is bad enough to warrant that! Scary!

Veronica is wearing Japanese Chin leggings and has Alice in the rainbow pouch as she sits on the exam table in the exam room.

We were super pleased with this doctor, and very happy to have a new doctor that we can go to who is competent and caring.

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  • debandtoby

    I used to get injections in my spine, but after a period of years they stopped working. As it’s been some time, and the pain has gooten much worse again, I have to see the nurse practicioner to see it it’s worth trying again.