Chin friends and a kombucha kitchen

On Friday our friend Lizzy with her Japanese Chin Kitten came to visit us!!!! I was SO excited because it’s been a few years since I’ve seen Lizzy and Kitten. They are both wonderful.

When they arrived, we went into the back yard and let Alice and Kitten get introduced. Kitten wasn’t super impressed with Alice– she just didn’t really want a baby in her face LOL! Meanwhile Brad was holding Hestia who was going WILD trying to get to her friends Lizzy and Kitten! So we switched out Alice for Hestia and even though Hestia was way more annoying, Kitten remembered her and just settled in to being sniffed all over and Hestia trying to play with her. It really only took about 10 minutes before all three dogs were interacting together perfectly.

Of course Hestia was a wild child trying to say hi to Lizzy. She normally isn’t super affectionate, but since it’d been so long since she’d seen Lizzy, she just lost it. Luckily Lizzy was willing to hold her and be kissed all over LOL!

I went inside to make us all smoothies while Brad and Lizzy hung out in the yard with the pups. Then we drank our smoothies while relaxing. It was perfect weather out! We were all super comfortable and happy, and had great conversation while the dogs hung out together.

Hestia and Kitten spent a lot of time lying down next to or near each other, just enjoying each others’ presence. Alice was more active and exploring the yard.

After a lot of conversation and fun, we realized that Lizzy wanted to start making her own kombucha! I needed to do my weekly kombucha making on Saturday, so I decided to do it one day early so that Lizzy could follow along.

Lizzy was a great help in the kitchen making the kombucha! She was a real pro and didn’t spill any even though it was her first time pouring it into bottles!

Luckily I had bought a 4-pack of gallon glass jars, and had a few bottles I could spare, so I was able to send Lizzy home with a few supplies, a SCOBY, and some kombucha starter to get her brew going at her house! So the SCOBY has been passed on yet again! Brad’s mom originally cultured it, then gave it to Brad’s aunt, who gave it to me, and now Lizzy has it! Very exciting!

Brad got lots of pictures, and they are all below. In them Alice is a sable and white Japanese Chin. Hestia and Kitten are black and white Chin. I am wearing galaxy leggings and a black top. Lizzy is wearing a blue sweatshirt. And Brad has on pink pants and a green blazer.

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