Carts and freezers

Today I took Alice to Publix with me. I had to get about 6 things, and figured it’d be a good training opportunity. She did wonderfully!

I pouched Alice while I grabbed a cart and got a few things in the produce section. She was totally calm in the pouch, go Alice!

Then I went to an empty aisle and took her out of the pouch to do some training. At first I left the cart at one end and walked up and down the aisle without the cart. She was perfect! We even managed to pass by a person in the aisle who stopped to look at some stuff.

Next I tried her with the cart. She blew me away!!! She was totally perfect walking next to the cart! She was not afraid at all, not hesitant or anything. I got a short 19 second video of it!

Unfortunately just then the aisles got super busy. A bunch of people came down the aisles! Alice did a good job passing stationary people, but when people were coming our way, she didn’t want to move out of the way well. So that’s something to work on.

We walked down two aisles pushing the cart! I was so proud!

I pouched Alice again and went to grab some milk. On the way to check out, I walked down the freezer aisle. Normally she’s a little tense in the freezer section, but today she was totally calm! So I decided to try her walking in the freezer section.

I took her out of the pouch, left the cart at one end of the aisle, and we walked up and down the aisle. She did great! She was totally comfortable!

I was just so pleased with how well she did in the store that I bragged to several people about her!

I re-pouched her to check out, and then we headed home. What a great trip!

Below are two pictures of her in the cake mix section. She’s a tiny sable and white Japanese Chin puppy wearing a purple harness.

Alice sits in the cake mix aisle
Alice in the cake mix aisle, looking at me like “what?”

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