Alice wasn’t feeling well

Today we had Control Unleashed class. I took the pups on a quick 5 min walk to get Hestia to poop before class and Alice seemed fine. But when we got to class she was not feeling right.

She wouldn’t take treats, didn’t want to walk, and basically wanted to be curled up in my lap with a blanket over her the whole time. She was shivering, even though it wasn’t that cold in the room. I didn’t put her PJs on because she was totally burritoed in the blanket.

But through the whole class she just looked pitiful. She did take about 5 treats during class. Two at one point, so I had her do three chin rests, but then she stopped taking them again. Something about it was just not sitting right with her. So we just watched and listened. At one point she seemed to perk up a bit, so I tried to get up and work with her. But nope, she wasn’t up for it.

We ended up leaving about 15 min early when it was clear Alice still wan’t into it. I don’t know what is going on with her. On the way home I held her in my arms in the blanket and she was shivering at first still. So we turned the heat way up and she started panting but still shivering!

Once we got home and she saw Hestia, she suddenly recovered quite a bit. She tried to play a little when I took them to potty, and ate about half her dinner as well as some of the same chicken I was using as treats. But we will be keeping an eye on her. I don’t know what happened, but she just isn’t feeling right tonight.

Brad got some pictures with my cell phone—mostly of Alice sitting in my lap wrapped up in a blanket! Alice is a sable and white Japanese Chin. In many of the pictures, Skyler with Korra are in the background. Korra is a sable Standard Poodle wearing a turquoise diaper.

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