Chinny double, oil, no trouble

On Monday we went to have our van’s oil changed. I brought a camp chair and we sat outside to stay safe.

It was absolutely perfect weather to be sitting outside! It was sunny and a little warm, with the perfect amount of breeze and beautiful blue skies.

I sat on my chair with Hestia on my lap and Alice on my chest and read Harry Potter. I’m almost done with the last book, which will mean when I’m done, I’ll have read the series through 9 times!

Brad sat next to me and read, as well. It was a really pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

Brad got a picture of me sitting in my camp chair, wearing a grey shirt and purple guinea pig leggings. Alice (sable and white) is on my chest, and Hestia (black and white) is on my lap. They are both wearing their purple service dog harnesses. We are all looking into the camera. Brad is an excellent photographer, and really captured the mood.

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