It’s too early to be running! 2

This morning we did a Walmart pickup, but they were out of a couple of key ingredients for my upcoming recipes. So we had to stop by Publix, too.

Hestia did wonderfully in Publix! She was really practically perfect throughout the store.

We got to checkout, and I realized halfway through that I forgot to get salsa for Brad. I told the cashier I would pay for my items, leave the basket with her, then go get salsa and check out. But she said that since there was no one behind me, I could run and get it then.

So off I went to try to run to get the salsa. The only problem was the dead weight at the end of the leash who decided she was NOT going to run! I tried walking quickly, and she tolerated that for only a short while. Then she just stopped dead and refused to move!

Well, I needed to get back, so I scooped her up in my arms, ran to the salsa, and ran back with Hestia plus three jars of salsa in my arms LOL!

The cashier was laughing at what a diva Hestia was not wanting to run this early in the morning!

When I had bigger dogs, they’d happily do things like run to catch a subway train! But I guess this is what I get for choosing a low energy breed LOL.

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