PT and Pnurse

Today I had physical therapy and an appointment with my psych nurse. Brad came with me, and we brought Alice, too!

Today was my second to last PT appointment, and Hestia again rocked it. She does so well when I’m doing exercises and moving around. For the last 10 min when I was on the recumbent stepper, Brad brought Alice in and I held her. The PT ladies loved saying hi to her, and they got to visit with Hestia, too!

Then we headed over to my psych nurse. I had Alice and Hestia both walk together from the car down the long sidewalk to the door and they did great! It was a little crowded with both of them on my lap in the waiting room and the exam room, but the pups handled it well.

Brad got a few pictures with my phone—unfortunately someone had touched the lens so the first several pictures are blurry before I wiped it on my leggings.

In the pics, I am wearing purple guinea pig leggings and a grey shirt. Hestia is black and white, and Alice is sable and white. They are Japanese Chin wearing purple harnesses. There are pictures of us in PT where Hestia is getting pet and Alice, too. Then pictures of them on my lap in the waiting room for my psych nurse.

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