Alice’s PT exposure

Today I had physical therapy, and during the stretching part of it, my PT and I were talking about Alice. The other PT who sometimes works with me was listening in, and both were saying how much they wanted to meet her.

Well, Alice was out in the van with Brad! So I asked if they’d like him to bring her in to say hi. They were super excited!

So during the last 10 minutes when I was on the stepping machine, Brad brought little Alice in. She did great!

She was very calm and just took in the sights and sounds and smells of the PT gym. She started out on Brad’s lap, but then I held her on my chest while I did the stepping machine. Hestia was on the floor next to the machine, but was interested in what Alice was doing!

The PT ladies pet Alice and she was happy to meet them. We were in there about 5 minutes, and then Alice yawned twice (yawning is a stress sign) so I gave her back to Brad to take her to the van.

I think she did a great job, and had a good little exposure! The only downside is I didn’t think to ask Brad to take a picture.

Go Alice!

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