Stepping ahead in PT

Today we had my second physical therapy session. I tried driving there myself, but my foot got a little sore along the way so I was happy Brad came with me to drive me home.

Brad stayed in the van with Alice, and I went in with Hestia. She was very popular with everyone who was there—they all loved her! It was actually a bit much attention, but I tried to smile and be nice to everyone because I’m sure I’ll be seeing them all a lot during my PT sessions.

I had a different PT today, she was just as nice. She did a lot of stretching of my feet and ankles at first, then we did some exercises. They even have a human wobble board that I got to work with.

For the last 6 minutes of my session, they had me sit at a machine that had pedals to push back and forth like you were stepping, but seated. Hestia has never seen me on exercise equipment before, so I didn’t know how she’d do. She was a champ! She just sat and then lay next to me and watched the room behind me. I got a picture of her in her purple harness sitting next to the machine next to me and looking at the camera.

Brad drove home, and now I’ve got my feet up and am relaxing and icing my feet. My foot is a little sore, so I’ll be taking it easy for the rest of the day.

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