Sprouting from puppy kindergarten

On Monday night, Alice graduated from puppy class! It was the first class where we really got to work on walking, so I took advantage of that to talk with the trainers about Alice’s inertia problem.

Alice tends to stop randomly while we are walking and refuse to move forward. It happened a lot when I first got her, and improved over time when we were walking every day. Since I’ve been using the wheelchair and unable to go on walks every day, it’s gotten worse.

It was especially worse Monday night since we were in a new place and Alice was a bit uncomfortable with both her PJs and a coat on (her 4-legged coat is due to arrive any day now!).

Both the trainers in class were stumped! They saw that Alice would walk and then stop for no reason. The conclusion is that I will be taking some private lessons about this issue once my foot is healed enough to walk around for 30 minutes (treating properly in a wheelchair is hard!!!).

Brad got a few pictures and some video of us in class. The first video is the jazzy sped-up version that’s more of an overview for those who just want a 1 min recap of class. The second video is real-time, so you can see Alice’s walking problem. If anyone has any idea why she’s stopping, I’d love to hear it!

In the photos and video, I have my hair in a ponytail and am wearing a pink shirt, pink dog leggings, and a white jacket. Alice is a tiny sable and white Japanese Chin puppy wearing pink striped PJs, a purple coat, and a teal harness over top.

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