Dentist for the humans

It’s dental month in the Morris household! Hestia had her dental visit a couple of weeks ago, and today Brad and I went to the dentist.

Our dentist is awesome, they love us there and are so welcoming of Hestia!

I talked with the tech and the dentist about Alice, and they were really excited that I’d probably be bringing her at my next visit. In fact, the dentist told me he wants me to bring both Hestia and Alice! I’ll definitely have to have Brad along in case it does’t go well, but I think it should be easy—at least for a cleaning. A filling would probably be too much for Alice that early on, though.

I used my wheelchair at the dentist as my foot is still hurting. Brad was towing me in the parking lot and tried to get me up the ramp onto the sidewalk, but there was a big lip and I got stuck! Luckily a really nice FedEx driver saw us and came over and offered me a push and opened the door for us.

Once I was inside, it was a cinch to push myself, though, which bodes well for going out to stores and doing Alice training.

While Brad was getting his cleaning done, I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! It’s my favorite book in the series, and I think I’m going to start reading a little Harry Potter every day.

Best news of all was that both Brad and I had really good looking teeth with no cavities! Yay!

I did get a selfie of Hestia and me in the dentist’s chair. In it, I have brown wavy hair and a blue bib on. I’m holding Hestia up right below my mouth, and she is looking in the camera.

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