Alice wheelchair walking

Alice did her very best at walking on a loose leash that she’s ever done—and it was with me in the manual wheelchair!!!

We started out in the driveway like usual, and she was doing touches easily all around the chair.  So I decided to try moving with her.  She pretty much stayed in heel position—maybe a bit far out, but I’ll take it!  And she kept a lot of eye contact with me!

I praised her when she was walking next to the chair, but she wouldn’t take a treat if the wheelchair was moving at all, so I’d have to stop for her to take a treat.

I was using my shoulder leash, so she was really fairly close to the wheelchair.

We wheeled down my driveway and into the street.  We went about 3 houses down and came back.
The only disaster was me trying to push myself in the manual wheelchair in the street LOL!  It was SO hard.  It hurts my hands (joint pain) a ton, and I lack the strength to get over pretty much any bump.  So Brad had to give me several pushes when I was stuck.  But if I stayed in the middle of the road where it wasn’t slanted, we were able to go pretty well.

I think we’re at the point where she’s ready to try a store with the wheelchair soon, which I know I’ll be able to push in much much more easily.

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