Alice’s first service dog harness

I think Alice is going to be ready to graduate to service dog in training in a month or two, so I figured it was time to get her used to wearing a service dog harness!

This is the smallest service dog harness I’ve found, and I still had to sew one of the straps about an inch smaller to fit her little body. Hopefully she grows a little more!!!

It is the same harness I use for Hestia, so they are now twins! The harness is purple with a space for a velcro patch on each side. Alice’s patches read “service dog” and “in training”, while Hestia’s patches read “service dog” and “do not pet”. There are tiny handles on the bottom of the harnesses that really serve no useful function, so I’ve been considering cutting them off.

The pictures are all taken in my yard. A couple are on the concrete pad near our door. Most are in the grassy part of the yard, and a final few are in the pine straw. Most of the pics are of Alice alone, but there are a few in there of the pups together in their matching harnesses.

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