A hammie visitor

We are watching Brad’s cousin’s hamster while she is away! His name is Branch, and he is a very tiny dwarf hamster. He is black and his fur is sooooooo soft.

He is afraid of dogs, so no pictures with the pups. He’s staying in his cage in one of the spare rooms. We keep the door shut when we’re not in there just to be safe, even though Hestia can’t reach him on the chest he’s on.

I visit with him a few times a day. At first he was really scared of me, and didn’t like me trying to pet him. So I just talked sweetly to him. As we’ve had him a few days, he’s gotten more friendly with me.

Today when I came in the room in the morning to switch out his food, he was out of his hiding spot and waiting for me! So I got some pictures of him. He seemed excited to see me, and let me pet him a lot which was really nice. But then I think my finger smelled like his food because he bit me!

Maybe later today or in the next few days he’ll feel like being held, but I’m taking things at his pace. I’m not going to push him. We can just be talking and petting friends and not holding friends, and that’s fine with me.

Pictures are of a small black hamster in his cage. Some pictures he’s against the blue cage background with lots of stickers on it for him to look at, and in others he is up near his purple and white wheel and his stuffed toy bear.

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