Hot day outside Earth Fare

Today we did some exposure training outside Earth Fare, a local health food store. Brad went in the store to shop, while Alice and I hung out outside. It is one of the last gasps of summer, with a high of 87 today!

I sat in the shade and let Alice walk around near the doorway. She didn’t mind at all when people or carts went past. She startled when I scooched the plastic chair over a few times to stay in the shade, but recovered immediately.

She got to meet a person with an odd gait using a walker, and several other people of different genders, races, and sizes– including some kids!

We also got to work on her training. In the past she’s struggled to pay attention to me when I’m seated and she is on the floor, but she did great today. We worked on her name, sits, downs, and touches. She did great!

I only got one picture, it is of Alice (sable and white Chin puppy) lying down on the concrete in the shade, looking at the camera.

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