Today Hestia and I ventured out alone to go to the podiatrist. I was pretty nervous because I hate going to doctors without Brad. Doctors tend not to believe an overweight woman with mental illness can have anything wrong with her other than being fat and crazy!

The staff were all very nice, though I had to wait over an hour to see the doctor. When he walked in, he was taken aback to see Hestia, and I think he might have been afraid of dogs. But when I said she was my service dog, he collected himself and treated me very reasonably and fairly as a patient! I was very happy to be taken seriously!

He said I have tendonitis in the tendon that attaches to my 5th metatarsal (the bone leading up to the pinky toe). I have it in both feet, but the right foot is worse than the left.

He said it’s likely I developed this when I was an extra on that movie set for two days and had to stand so much that my feet were really hurting for a few weeks afterward. Even though since then I’ve been walking less, I’ve still been walking enough to keep re-injuring it.

So at this point, I need a boot 🙁 The boot place is going to call me later today or tomorrow to pick up my boot. That means no driving, and no going on walks. I’m supposed to be resting with my feet up for as much of the time as possible for the next 2-4 weeks!!! Yikes!!!!

First of all, poor doggies with no walkies! And secondly, I have the convention coming up this weekend where I have to walk around and was planning on doing some of the driving for Brad. Brad says he can handle the driving, thank goodness.

I am debating whether for some parts of the convention I might need to use the old manual wheelchair. Too bad we can’t fit both of Brad’s power wheelchairs in the van, otherwise I might want to use one of those– so much easier than a manual wheelchair!

So when you see me with a giant ugly black boot on my foot, now you’ll know why!

Picture taken outside of the podiatrist with me in a hamburger and hotdog mask (free gift with our last mask purchase) and Hestia looking to the side.

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