Today we got our Shein order! I got three new outfits (from Shein, Aliexpress, and Amazon) for the fall, plus got the dogs matching harnesses and a new toy! With my phone, Brad took pictures of my outfits, and I took pictures of the dogs so I could submit reviews. I thought I’d share them here with you!

First, the absolute best pictures are of the dogs! I got them matching harnesses ($6 each!) that are a dusty rose and white plaid with occasional blue, white, and grey candy-corn shaped looking things on it. I got pictures of them separately, but the ones of them posing together are the best! Since they are sitting right next to/in front of each other, they kind of blend into each other, and it looks like Hestia is wearing Alice in a front pack! There are also a few pictures of Hestia with the little latex frog toy ($2) that is the perfect size for her mouth.

The first outfit I got is a lavender peasant dress from Shein. It has an elastic top with bell sleeves and is long.

The second outfit includes a pair of leggings from A

liexpress that are purple, pink, and blue lotus flowers. The top is an asymmetrical purple one from Amazon. It has the left sleeve attached to the body of the shirt in one long flowing piece of material. One reviewer said it made her feel like a Byzantine Empress!

The third outfit also has leggings from Alie]xpress. These are green and blue patterned leggings. The top is a dark green top that is fitted in the bust and flares out below from Shein.

I also got two hair scarves—one light blue, and one that is pink and purple flowers.

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