Adventure out of the neighborhood

Typically when I walk Alice alone it is slow going. She wants to stop and observe a lot and is a little cautious about things.

Today when I took her for her walk, she was a lot braver! She walked down the street confidently, even when someone wheeled out their garbage bin!

So when we got to our normal turn around point, I decided to keep going and walk out of the neighborhood! We ended up walking down to the busier road adjacent to our neighborhood.

Alice was a little shocked at first when the first car came whooshing past us at probably 45 mph. But she soon was trotting along happily on the sidewalk as cars and trucks sped past. She was not bothered!

I was SO proud of my little girl!!!

We only stayed on the sidewalk next to the busy road for about 5 minutes before turning around to head back home. I didn’t want to overdo it, plus it was a long walk for her!

Once we got back to the safety of our neighborhood, I took some pictures of her trotting along happily and even smelling a garbage can!

Unfortunately, several houses from our house, suddenly she stopped wanting to walk and only wanted to chew on her right front paw. I think she must’ve gotten bitten by an ant or stepped on something that hurt. So I carried her the last few houses home. Otherwise it was a full 20 min walk all by herself!

When we got home, I washed her paw and held her for about 15 minutes until she stopped having the desire to chew on her paw. No walk time for Hestia today as I was tending to Alice. Now she’s sleeping on the couch, but I don’t want to walk Hestia and leave Alice alone since she might chew her paw. It’s OK, Hestia doesn’t mind– she’s happily snoozing away, too!

In the pictures, Alice is a tiny (almost 3 lbs!) sable and white Japanese Chin puppy with a smooshed face.

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