My friends, Sabrina who handles Indy and Tammy who handles Phoebe, have made me some incredible things lately!

This is a photo shoot of just a few of the awesome things they’ve made.

Today we took off our horrible looking old falling off “service dog on board” decal from our van (thanks to our neighbor Donny who helped us figure out how to do it!) and replaced it with one from BreezStitches. It looks awesome! It says “service dog on board, do not separate from handler” with a picture of an EKG readout with a paw in the middle of it in the center.

I am also sporting a purple and blue paisley mask, and the pups have matching bandanas to my mask! BreezStitches made these, too. They look great!

Thank you so much Sabrina and Tammy for these items, the super cute treat pouch, and the other masks that aren’t pictured!

Here is their Facebook:

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