41st birthday!

Today is my birthday! It didn’t start off well, but it ended up pretty great!

I woke up with a sore foot, so I couldn’t go on a walk. Then I forgot I was going to go get my free Starbucks for breakfast and fixed a normal breakfast instead. And I was checking on the delivery of an item I ordered on Amazon and saw that Brad had ordered me some underwear I needed as a surprise, but that he had accidentally ordered a color I don’t wear! So all those bummers all together 🙁

The day started to turn around, though, when after I showered, I took Alice and went out to get my free Starbucks for my mid-morning snack! They discontinued my sugar free cinnamon syrup, and now only have sugar free vanilla. I used to get half SF vanilla and half SF cinnamon, calling the drink my snickerdoodle drink. Last time I went to Starbucks I got it with just vanilla and it wasn’t nearly as good. So this time I ordered it with cinnamon powder on top of the drink and it tasted just as good as before, so yay!

I asked for two puppachinos for the dogs when picking up my order, and they didn’t have any tiny dog cups. So they gave me two small coffee cups, each half full of whipped cream! This made them a whole ton easier to carry in the car. When I got home, I split one of the cups of whipped cream between the dogs and gave it to them. Alice’s first puppachino!

Alice works on her puppachino on the floor, while Hestia sits next to her empty puppachino plate looking at the camera like “Please sir, I want some more.”

She loved it, and of course Hestia loved hers! I still have the other cup of whipped cream in the fridge—maybe for later tonight or tomorrow!

As soon as I finished drinking my coffee, I talked with my friend Linden. Then as soon as we were done, I have a NAMI board meeting. That got done a little early, so I had half an hour before Brad’s parents came over. They brought us dinner (which included the best turkey I’ve ever had!) and some presents!!! I was very happy with what I got, and that they got to see Alice awake and playing (last time they saw her, she slept the whole time!).

Pretty much as soon as they left, my parents texted asking if we could have a zoom call, so I talked with them for an hour. Then pretty much immediately after I got off the call with them, Scarlet called. Then pretty much immediately after that, my sister FaceTimed! I was busy all day long!!!

Then we had a huge storm, and I got to relax and watch a Lucy Worsley (history) show on PBS. I decided my last treat for my birthday would be giving the dogs a new toy! It is a purple French Bulldog that farts when you squish him! The dogs enjoyed playing with it, and little Alice kept trying to pick it up and carry it around (it’s almost as big as she is!).

Alice and Hestia each chew on one of the purple Frenchie’s ears.

Then we got a picture of Brad and Alice, and one of me and the pups, too.

For the rest of the evening, I am going to relax. Alice and Hestia are pooped from today, so I can just focus on hanging out with Brad.

Brad in his wheelchair with Alice on his lap. Their outfits match!

In the pictures, Alice is a sable and white tiny Chin puppy wearing a pink sundress with fruits on it. Hestia is a larger black and white Chin (but still small overall!). I have long brown wavy hair and am wearing my mermaid dress. Brad is a bearded man wearing a green shirt with a pink and green bowtie and a pink and black plaid scarf and a pink hat.

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