Nina Ottosson Dog Brick

At Chinfest, Hestia and Alice had such a great time doing the Nina Ottosson puzzle toy that Caroline gave it to us!!! All the other Chin gave up on it, but Hestia and Alice spent nearly 10 minutes on it at Chinfest, getting all the spaces open.

So today, I dressed Alice in her new pink and white striped 4-legged onesie (thanks again Caroline!) and put treats in a few of the containers of the Dog Brick toy and set it down.

It took them a little over 7 minutes to get all the treats out that I had put in (I didn’t fill up every space)! I did have to take a break to undress Alice because the onesie was a little too big. She’ll grow into it!

I sped up the video 4x while they were trying to figure things out, and then slowed it down to real-time when they were about to open something. They did a good job! Alice and Hestia both opened some!

The toy is a dark teal brick shape with white bones that you remove to hide treats under in the middle and red boxes to nose open on the sides.

Here is the video of them doing the toy! Alice is a tiny sable and white Chin puppy (a little over 2.5 lbs now!) and Hestia is the larger 9 lb black and white one.

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