Aerophone with Doc and Dan 2

Today I had the BEST time hanging out with my friends Doc and Dan! I picked Dan up early, and because of where he lives, he has to wear a mask when he leaves the facility. So Doc and I wore masks the whole time (except a few pics), too.

We headed to Doc’s house and talked for a while. I brought Alice, and she got to meet Doc’s cat Jack. Alice was a bit unsure about Jack, but that’s probably because he’s much much bigger than she is! Jack is the first cat that Alice has seen up close.

After talking for a while, we went for a walk. I pouched Alice with a cool pack in the pouch to keep her comfortable. It was great to be out with Doc and Dan, hanging out, talking about everything, and just relaxing.

Afterward we headed to Goodwill, where I stayed in the car with Alice while Doc and Dan ran in really quickly to pick up some CDs. Then we got drive-through Starbucks and headed back to Doc’s house.

That’s when we got the real treat of the day! Doc has an Aerophone, which is like an electronic wind instrument. It can play the sounds of 250 instruments! Doc started out with the pan flute, and it was such a beautiful, poignant, and etherial sound. I LOVED it!!! Then he switched to some other instruments, including violin! I joked he could play the violin better than I could!

I wish I could do the day more justice with a better description, but we didn’t really do much of anything major. We just hung around like great friends do. I was totally relaxed and we had wonderful conversations.

Here are some pictures of us (masks removed temporarily for pics), and of Doc playing his Aerophone (he stayed away from us while playing). In them, I am wearing a purple dress with my hair back and a purple mask. Alice is a tiny sable and white Chin puppy. Doc is wearing a black and white shirt and has a grey Aerophone in his hands. Dan is wearing a white T-shirt and is making very serious faces.

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