Alice tries clothes 2

Yesterday we decided to work with Alice on wearing things. This is such an important part of being a service dog—being comfortable wearing things that identify you as a service dog.

We had four things that mostly fit little Alice.

First was a red dress with white hearts that Alice’s breeder sent her home in. This fit the best of all the things, so we had her wear it first.

Alice in her Queen of Hearts dress looking over her shoulder.

Next we worked on wearing a vest. I have a really tiny red vest that someone gave me when I got Hestia. It only fit Hestia for a month or two LOL! But it is a little big on little Alice!

Alice looks into the camera while next to the umbrella stem in her red vest.

Third we have a pastel rainbow dress with purple flowers around the waist. This was a gift as well, and it is gorgeous! Unfortunately it’s a little large on Alice, so she was a little weirded out by the fabric covering hear back end and hanging over behind her.

Alice looks like she’s surfing on the platform while wearing her pastel rainbow dress.

Finally Brad’s brother accidentally got sent a tiny orange life jacket years ago from Amazon, and he gave it to us. It fits little Alice, so we put that on her, too.

Hestia was feeling left out, so we put her pink life jacket on as well and had a double Chin photo shoot!

Alice and Hestia in their life jackets looking off camera to the right at Veronica (out of frame).

All the photos are taken on a foam platform with an open umbrella as the backdrop. Alice is a sable and white Chin puppy, and Hestia is black and white.

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2 thoughts on “Alice tries clothes

  • Danny & Sheldon

    I wish I had started Sheldon out with wearing clothes right away! It took me a little while to get a cape figured out for him, and it had velcro fasteners, which he promptly figured out how to take off, so it wasn’t exactly setting him up for success. I’ll know next time to start dressing them up right away! Thanks! Also, super cute double chin photos!