Pictures of Alice’s wonderful first full day

Here are the pictures Brad took of Alice’s wonderful first full day!

They start out with pictures of Alice eating her meal while Hestia watches nicely. Then we go out to the yard for a potty break! Brad caught Alice peeing twice and pooping once all in the same outing to the yard! I am very happy about her pottying and give big smiles and thumbs ups! And of course there are treats to be had after successful pottying!

Alice pees while Veronica smiles and gives a thumbs up!

In our yard, we walk around near our three statues—a Greek goddess with scarves flowing around her and two contemplative fairies.

There are some great shots of me holding both Alice and Hestia. In one of them, Hestia looks so displeased LOL! She really isn’t, but the pictures makes her look like she is really upset about Alice.

Veronica holding both Alice and Hestia. In this shot, Hestia looks mildly displeased. For the more displeased look, see the photos at the bottom of the page!

There’s a picture of me eating a meal with Alice on my lap underneath the table, and one of Alice in the pouch!

The series of photos ends with black and white photos of Alice on Brad’s shoulder, and then of her on my chest.

Black and white photos of Alice sitting on Brad’s shoulder, looking into the camera. Brad looks adoringly at her.

Alice is a sable and white Chin puppy, and Hestia is black and white. I am a round white woman with long wavy brown hair, wearing a brightly colored mermaid dress. Brad is bearded, and in the black and white pics he’s in, it looks like he has a grey shirt and black scarf, but in reality they were more colorful!

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