Alice’s wonderful first full day 1

Alice’s first full day with us has been great! She’s an awesome puppy!

She sleeps for the entire three hour block I have scheduled for her! No whining or anything when I put her in her crate. I set an alarm for every three hours so I can take her out to potty.

Alice sits with her butt on Brad’s blanket and her paws up on the back rest of the couch.

And pottying is going awesome! She’s not had a single accident! She is peeing and pooping outside like a little champ! Today she explored the pine straw in the yard in the morning, and in the afternoon she felt adventurous enough to walk across the entire back yard!

She is getting along great with Hestia. She likes to walk on top of Hestia, just like Hestia used to do with Ollie! Payback time, Hestia LOL! She and Hestia frequently nap next to each other. And Hestia is doing great with Alice’s food! Normally Hestia thinks any food is her food, no matter which dog is eating it. I’ve been sitting on the floor with Alice as she eats, and Hestia only needs one or two reminders that she can’t eat Alice’s food—then she just sits and watches.

Alice lies down with her butt touching Hestia’s butt. Hestia is asleep, while Alice opens her eyes and looks into the camera.

Another place Alice likes to sleep is cuddled up next to Brad or on Brad’s shoulder! Maybe I don’t recline often enough for her to enjoy being on my shoulder. But she enjoys cuddling with Brad. She seems to see me as the primary person of interest, though. Every time I get up and leave her with Brad, she watches me the whole time I’m moving around. She doesn’t do the same when Brad’s up and moving around.

Alice hangs out on Brad’s shoulder while he smiles!

Since she’s still pretty distracted with eating and needs some help to keep on task, I haven’t yet introduced the clicker with meal times. Most of our training has been focused on potty training, walking on the leash, and today I also introduced hanging out in the pouch!

Speaking of training, Alice is figuring out how to eat treats! I don’t think she’s had anything but soft food before, so even dehydrated meat treats are new to her. She takes her time, about 30 seconds to eat each little bit of a treat LOL!

Alice’s fluffy butt as she lies down with her back legs stretched out behind her!

She’s great on my lap while I’m eating meals. I have to remind her a few times to stay lying down at first, but then she just hangs out there while I eat. She wasn’t pleased with the smell my orange-peeling made in the air, though LOL!

I did weigh her today, and she is 2 lbs 3 oz. What a tiny little thing!

Alice and Hestia hang out together on the couch, and are both looking at the camera for this pic!

Brad took some pictures on his camera, but he’s too busy with PSDP work to edit them so far. So you’ll have to make do with the pictures I’ve gotten from my phone.

In the pictures, Alice is a sable and white Japanese Chin and Hestia is black and white. They both have smushed noses, but Hestia’s eyes are more googley. There are several pictures of Hestia and Alice cuddled up together, some of Alice on Brad’s shoulder, and a great one of Alice’s butt as she’s lying on the bed with her feet stretched out behind her!

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One thought on “Alice’s wonderful first full day

  • Danny & Sheldon

    Alice is soooo cute! You all look so happy. I hope Alice continues to do well with everything. Sending hugs and tailwags to all of you, if you want them.