Bringing Alice home 3

Today we brought Alice home!

It was stormy and raining really hard on the drive up, and I was the one driving so I was pretty stressed! We passed several crashes, but I drove really safely so we were OK.

It was too muddy to get Brad into the breeder’s house, so my breeder brought Alice out to us, and off we went on our way home!

The weather was great for our trip home, and Alice was great, too! She didn’t get car sick at all!

We stopped once about 30 min in to see if she needed to potty and accidentally deployed the ramp into a fire ant nest! Luckily I was carrying Alice, and Brad got the ramp up and cleaned off of ants while Alice and I explored the grass.

After Brad cleaned up the ants, he took some pictures of Alice and me! After 10 minutes, no pottying happened, so we went on our way.

We stopped about 40 min later for Brad to get us smoothies. Before that, we fed Alice and Hestia and then I pottied them. Alice and Hestia had a great time exploring the grass and sidewalk together while we waited for Brad.

Alice slept most of the rest of the trip home.

When we got home, I was exhausted so we all took a nap while Brad edited pictures. Enjoy the pictures below!

Alice is a sable and white small puppy with a smushed nose wearing a red dress with white hearts. I am wearing my galaxy dress. And Hestia is a black and white Japanese Chin sitting in the car.

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