Will snood for food

Since I started giving Hestia supplements mixed in with plain yogurt, she’s been getting her ear hair in the yogurt. It makes the edges of her hair look raggedy, and well, no empress can tolerate that!

So we went shopping for some snoods! Snoods are like elasticized hoods. They are tubes of material with elastic around each end. You slide them over the dog’s head and contain their ears in the fabric. This way when they lean down to eat, their ear hair doesn’t get dirty!

I found a place on etsy that had pre-made sample snoods on clearance for $4, so I bought four of them. This way Hestia and Alice will each have two. One is pink with white anchors. One is teal and grey zig zags. Another is white with gold bows. The last is black with Halloween pumpkins and cats and owls.

When you put a snood on Hestia, she looks SO funny! The complete flatness of her face is really emphasized. When the snood slides forward a bit, she looks like a grumpy cat. And when the snood is back, the hair on the top of her head (which is short) is not pulled back so it sticks up and is fluffy, while her ear hair is long and pulled back. This means she ends up looking like a conehead with just her hair on the top of her head sticking up.

Enjoy the pictures!

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