We got the chair! 7

Thank you so much to everyone who shared Brad’s GoFundMe and and donated! We were able to raise the money needed and purchase him a new (used) chair!

Composite image showing Brad in his new wheelchair raising his fist in victory, showing off his chair, and reclining with fireworks in the background. Text says “You kept Brad mobile”.

It’s a Permobil F3, and has all the functions he needs. It tilts backwards in space, the seatback reclines, and the legs raise up. It’s only one year old and has only 68 miles on it!

It is a little narrower in the seat than his former chair, which is perfect for Brad! We do need to get the height adjusted, but after that the chair will be awesome!

Brad will be able to continue going out and doing the things he loves, as well as being able to move around the house!

Here’s what Brad says about the fundraising and wheelchair:

“We got this!

“No, really, we got the wheelchair!!! Thanks to the fundraising trajectory of all our amazing donors (mostly on GoFundMe, some off), we were ready to go when the right chair recently popped up.

“We grabbed it, got it here, and now I’m partying like I’m at an adult prom for disabled people! (That’s actually an awesome thing that happens in the show “Special” on Netflix.)

“Now I’ve just gotta learn to drive the new beast of a front-wheel-drive wheelchair. My old chair is mid-wheel drive, and boy, do these animals move differently!

“While I’m adjusting to the new cornering and caster-flip, I’ll be enjoying my newfound sense of relief and thinking of you. This has been so amazing and profoundly moving (literally…), and we’re so, so grateful.”

We took some pictures of him in his new chair, and they are below. In the pictures, the chair is a front wheel drive power wheelchair, which means it has four main wheels instead of six like his old chair. It is black with silver trim. The pictures show Brad partially tilted and reclined like he normally goes around, as well as fully reclined so that the chair looks like a flat bed! Brad is wearing white pants, a red shirt, a purple blazer, red shoes, a pink scarf, strawberry tie, and a pink hat. Brad raises his hands in various ways to celebrate getting the chair, as well as gestures to show off the chair.

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