Fastest Urgent Care ever 2

Somehow I injured my foot getting ready for the puppy shower today. It was hurting during the shower, but started hurting more and more and more afterwards. By 2 PM the pain was a 6-7 when I put weight on it, so I took some naproxen. By 5:30 PM, it was down to a 5-6 when I put weight on it.

I was afraid it might be a stress fracture, so we decided to go to Urgent Care. We made an appointment for 6:15, so left the house at 5:50 so we could get there 10 min early.

I had to use Brad’s old crutches because my foot hurt so badly, and that was an adventure with a little Hestia next to me! She did not understand why we were going so slowly, or what to do about these sticks next to my feet.

The receptionist was super nice, and has a friend who is getting a service dog, so that was cool! Everyone there was really respectful about Hestia. And when I told the nurse that I was hard of hearing, she made sure to always for the ENTIRE visit speak loudly and clearly!

Turns out that I probably only have a soft tissue injury. So I got a prescription for more naproxen as I’m running low on the old prescription I have. And we were home by 7PM! That means our total time for a visit including x-rays was about an hour from leaving home to getting home!

I felt really horrible for wasting everyone’s time, though. I mean, I should have just stayed home, taken aleve, and rested my foot. It was a big waste of energy and resources for what turns out to be a very minor injury.

Brad [who disagrees entirely about all the waste of energy hogwash] got a couple of shots of Hestia on my lap while I am sitting on the exam table with some doctor tools in the background (like that ear scope thing). I am a round woman with long wavy brown hair wearing a blue mask and a pink and green dress. Hestia is a googley eyed smushed nosed black and white dog wearing a galaxy vest.

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2 thoughts on “Fastest Urgent Care ever

  • Bit

    Veronica, I agree with Brad. That’s what they’re there for. You didn’t know what was wrong, and you didn’t waste anyone’s time or resources. I just hope it feels better soon. You did the right thing. Sometimes you have to take care of #1. Goodness knows, you spend enough time taking care of others’needs.