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On Wednesday we went up to visit my breeder and the puppies!!! I was so excited that I didn’t even mind driving the whole 2.5 hour trip all myself.

When we got there, it was a little bit of an experience getting Brad inside. There were steps he had to climb (I carried his manual chair up), which we expected. But what we didn’t expect was a narrow laundry room that was difficult to maneuver through with a wheelchair. But we made it, and Brad was able to go relax on the couch.

When we got into Carla’s house, I saw her Chin room with all the adults in it. I was able to recognize several of them right away. Annie, Lucy, and Cheeks are the moms of the puppies, so I recognized them. And Fizzz was there—he was raised with Hestia! There were a few other Chin, too, but those I recognized right away.

Carla brought the 5 puppies out into an empty ball pit for them to roam around in. I sat on the floor next to the kiddie-pool-type thing. Hestia was interested in the puppies, but I was able to dissuade her from jumping into the pool to say hello LOL!

Annie’s boy climbs on my hand. Harley licks Annie’s boy. Georgie or Dot is underneath Annie’s boy, and Annie’s girl is in the back.

It was really really cool to meet the puppies in person. I’ve seen them in videos, and had an idea of which puppies I liked, but in person I was able to tell so much more. There are three girls that I might potentially get one of (not because they’re girls). Annie’s girl is the oldest, then there’s Dot who has a dot of black in the middle of her forehead, and finally Harley who is a sable clown face (one eye has color over it and the other eye has white over it).

From the videos, I had expected to like Dot the best. She is definitely the most curious and active! She was nonstop perpupptual motion, into everything and everyone. I was surprised, though, to find myself drawn to Harley. She was different from the other puppies.

While the other puppies swarmed around sniffing my hand, Harley was more interested in looking at my face! It was awesome! She was very into me and aware of me the whole time I was there.

Veronica and Harley gaze into each others’ eyes as Veronica holds Harley on her back in her hand.

I held all the puppies. Annie’s girl didn’t seem interested in me at all. Dot was interested in everything including me. She settled eventually when I held her, but she was all vim and vigor, wanting to explore and move around the whole time. When I held Harley, she just hung out with me. She was so calm. And also quite brave. She was one of the first to approach me, and didn’t seem bothered by anything.

My breeder Carla explained that Harley has been very consistent all her 5 weeks, curious and brave, but also content to sit and watch things. That sounds a lot like Hestia! Funnily enough, on our car ride home, Brad said that he liked Harley’s consistency. I thought he meant like the feel of her body or something, but he was talking about how consistent her personality has been.

Veronica snuggles Harley up on her chest.

I told the breeder how when I was choosing my Standard Poodle puppy, I chose the one who was less energetic of the two options. She said that was very helpful to her in understanding which puppy would be a better match for me.

Brad got video of the first 12 minutes of me with puppies. It is a really cool video to watch, and you can see how Harley looks at me a lot.

While I was holding Harley, we got some pictures of Harley and Hestia together instead of just pictures of me with the puppies. This is because Hestia is also a clown face, so we wanted to show their opposite patterns of markings over different eyes. In the series of pictures it is really funny how Hestia is at first curious, then shocked, then accepting. Little does she know one of the fluff balls will be coming home with us in July!!!

Harley and Hestia posing next to each other. Both of their white eyes are on the inside, and their colored eye on the outside.

Hestia did great with all the puppies. She sniffed them and was interested in them, but not overly interested. She was calm about it all, which I was happy to see.

After I held all the puppies (and Brad got loads of pics of that!), it was Brad’s turn! He didn’t take as long with each puppy as I did LOL! His favorites were also Harley and Dot. Harley walked around his lap and climbed on his arm a little. She seemed to enjoy sitting on his shoulder, which I thought was awesome! I would love a dog who sat on my shoulder!

Harley sits on Brad’s shoulder.

Dot was so into exploration. Not only did she explore Brad’s lap and shoulder, she also tried climbing on his face and head, and I thought she might even try to leap off of his arm! Brad made sure to keep a grip on her body so there were no superman moves!

Dot tries climbing on top of Brad’s head!

Eventually the puppies all got hungry, so Carla let the moms in. I was a little worried about Hestia because she had just been attacked on Tuesday so I was worried she might be scared. But she was totally fine! And the moms were great!

Lucy hopped into my lap immediately and didn’t want to leave! She is SUCH a lover! Cheeks went to check on her puppies, then came to say hello eventually. Annie was more into her puppies than anything else.

Veronica holds Cheeks, who looks into the camera.

Hestia got to meet Lucy and Cheeks, and they got along well. Lucy and Cheeks are about the size that Dot and Harley will grow up to be—about 4–5 lbs. Hestia is 9 lbs. You can see in the pictures the size difference between them.

Hestia and Cheeks sniff noses, and you can see how much larger Hestia is.

After all the moms got their babies in their pens to nurse, Hebi the dad came out. He just showed at Westminster! He is gorgeous!!! So fluffy and pretty, and what a perfect nose!

By that time, I realized we had stayed for 3 hours!!! Oops, I didn’t mean to intrude on Carla’s life that long! So we got Brad back out to the car and headed off.

We couldn’t stop talking about the puppies on the car ride, and definitely agreed that Harley seems awesome.

Carla agrees that so long as Harley’s personality stays the same over the next several weeks, she could be the one for me! I’m SO excited!

Harley on her back in Veronica’s hand, with her paws all curled up in front of her.

The video Brad took is nestled above in the story where I talk about Brad taking the video. Then beneath the descriptions of the dogs below are all the pictures. Some really cute photos of note are Harley being a puppy spud on her back in my hands, looking up into my eyes. Of course the ones of Harley with Hestia, too. There is a picture of Annie’s boy climbing on Georgie’s head. There are some really great ones of Dot and me. And a great one of Dot climbing on Brad’s face while Brad looks both concerned and amused.

Harley- a sable (currently brownish/blackish color spots, but as an adult they’ll be more red with black tips) clown face. This means she has color over one eye and white over the other.

Dot- a black and white girl with a black dot of color right between her eyes.

Annie’s girl- the largest black and white girl, very fluffy.

Annie’s boy- a sable boy with very narrow bands of color over his eyes.

Georgie- the fattest puppy (even though he’s the youngest). He’s black and white and looks about the same size as Annie’s girl, except his hair isn’t as fluffy.

Lucy- a black and white adult with a soulful face.

Cheeks- a sable (as an adult she looks mostly red in her colored parts) girl.

Annie- a black and white girl with a completely white face. Not pictured.

Hebi- all white body with traditional symmetrical black markings on his face and the fluffiest hair you’ve ever seen.

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  • Jenin Stanley

    OMG! My favorite pics are Harley in Veronica’s hand, paws curled up, and the puppy on Brad’s head, or about to be so. A dog who could ride on your shoulder sound marvelous. thanks for the adorable and detailed descriptions.