Back to work 2

Today was Hestia’s first time working since her attack and she ROCKED it!!! Seriously she was flawless in Earth Fare!

Normally she struggles a bit in Earth Fare, it is usually more distracting smell wise than other grocery stores for some reason. But today she was perfect!

I was so proud! We walked around the store looking for things, and she was right by my side the whole time.

When we were checking out, the woman in front of us in line, whom we had run into many times during our trip around the store, commented that Hestia is the calmest dog she’s ever seen, and that she just “has a presence about her”. It made me feel really really good!

Go Hestia, back to work with a bang! Oh, and I didn’t even use any treats!

I got a picture in the salsa aisle (you HAVE to try Frontera’s new Especial salsas in Avocado Tomatillo and/or Mango Habanero!!!) of a small white and black dog with a smushed nose wearing a galaxy vest, sitting and looking at the camera.

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