Puppy tail vibrations

New puppy videos!!!

My breeder says that both Dot and Harley are coming along very nicely, exploring their surroundings and such. Dot is a little more confident than Harley right now, but Harley is pottying away from the sleeping area much better than Dot. A surprise contender is Annie’s girl! Last week she had been making a lot of whining and vocalizations, but she has since stopped and is coming along nicely for my needs.

My breeder is going to work with me to pick the best puppy for my needs. I’m so happy!

In the videos, Dot and Harley have vibrating tails, it is super cute!!!

The videos below are as follows: First a video of Dot and Harley with momma Cheeks from a few days ago. They are pretty wobbly little puppies! Second, a video of Dot and Harley taken today which shows them walking around more and exploring. Third, a video of Annie’s girl and boy walking around, and it is amazing how much more coordinated they are than in their video from last week! And fourth, a video of Georgie (Lucy’s boy), who is so fat that he just eats and sleeps LOL!

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