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After a fun memorial day gathering with Brad’s family, we headed to Sam’s to get windshield wiper blades and a few other things. I had three bad interactions with people, and also an encounter with a giant robotic floor cleaner.

Brad wanted to look at their electronics, so I hung out next to him in the aisle. A mom pushing her two kids in a basket stopped at the end of the aisle and stared at us, with her kids screaming about the doggie and pointing at us. So I moved to the next aisle over. She moved her basket to the end of that aisle, stopped and stared. So I moved to a third aisle, and she did the same thing!!! It was really disconcerting, so I ended up hiding out behind an end cap so she couldn’t see me.

We went around the store looking at stuff, and in the produce section I went to get a salad mix. I was 10 feet away from an employee and a customer, and they started talking nasty about me! Talking about how disgusting dogs are, and how service dogs shouldn’t be allowed anywhere. It was really hurtful!

And then near the end of the store, I was in an aisle waiting to turn onto a main aisle, and these people walking by just stopped right in front of me to stare at us and talk about us, blocking me from turning and stopping everyone behind them in the aisle. I just stood there, feeling really uncomfortable, until they moved on.

The three encounters were really upsetting to me. There were also the normal points and stares, but these three encounters really took the cake.

On the bright side, Hestia defeated a giant robot floor cleaner! It was a driverless zamboni-style floor cleaner, going around the store on its own! Brad managed to shoot a video of us walking past it, and get a picture of us with it when it stopped. That was a cool thing to see and train around! And it made up for all the bad people encounters in the store.

Below is the video of Hestia and the floor cleaner. Below that is a picture of me (woman with long brown hair wearing a blue dress with red flowers) with Hestia (small white and black dog with smushed face) with the robotic floor cleaner. Then there is a closeup of Brad’s pins today and one of his face and pins. He has a red shirt, red and white striped blazer, red and blue hat, and a poppy pin and a WWI era soldier pin.

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