Juicy anniversary 4

Today Brad and I have been married for 19 years! To celebrate, we went to a restaurant we haven’t tried before—Clean Juice. It is mostly a juice and smoothie place, with a few other food items. It is all organic and healthy stuff!

We ordered online for pickup, and got to the restaurant a little earlier than our pickup time so we got some photos outside. Then we headed in to pick up our order. We had planned to take it home to eat, but there were tables in the shade outside, so we decided to hang out and eat there!

Clean Juice is in this new development in Fort Mill called Kingsley, which has a lot of really cool looking shops and restaurants. I enjoyed my wrap and dragon fruit and pineapple smoothie while watching people walk by and talking about the interesting shops with Brad.

The only problem with eating outside was that the tables were really low compared to the height of the chairs so poor Hestia was really squished between my lap and the bottom of the table!

Afterward, we drove around Kingsley and it looks like a pretty cool area. It was a nice, low-key way to celebrate 19 years.

In the pictures, I am a round woman with long brown wavy hair wearing a blue dress with red and white flowers. Hestia is a small white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes wearing a galaxy vest. Brad is a bearded man in a power wheelchair wearing black pants, a colorful flower shirt, a blue blazer, a pink hat, and a pin on his blazer of two pink cats snuggling.

In the first many pictures, we are taking selfies of the three of us outside the restaurant. Inside the restaurant there is a great picture of Miss Googley herself in full googley glory. Plus pictures of Brad and me. Then there are a few of me with my food and Hestia in my lap outside eating.

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