Ambling puppy spuds 1

Today my breeder sent me a video of Annie’s puppies and pictures of Lucy’s and Cheeks’!!!

Annie’s puppies are the oldest, at 4 weeks old. In the video below, the black and white girl moves around a little, then the mom Annie moves over. The sable boy then tries to follow mom, but is very uncoordinated LOL! It is SO super cute!

Next are pictures of Annie’s pups. I’ll show the black and white girl first, and then the sable boy.

The breeder sent me more pictures of Cheeks’ puppies. They have been nicknamed Harley Quinn for the clown face one, and Dot for the one with the dot in the middle of her forehead. First will be pictures of Dot, and then I’ll show Harley, who is a sable. They are three weeks old.

It is most likely I will be getting one of Cheeks’ puppies. My breeder says that both of them are looking up when people come over to their area, which is a really good sign. Harley is a little slug who just lies there when you pick her up. Dot is more squirmy, but quiets down quickly. Both are looking good so far temperament wise!

Finally there is big fat Georgie, Lucy’s puppy. Even though he’s the youngest, he’s the fattest!

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