Two evaluations 2

Today was a very busy day. I will share just two of the things that went on, both of which were evaluations.

At noon, someone from the wheelchair place came to try to get Brad evaluated for a new wheelchair. He was in person, and the occupational therapist was over video call. It was a very rough appointment. Of course it wore Brad out and he was in bad shape. But the worst thing was that they said Brad’s insurance will not cover the wheelchair that he needs.

You see, Brad cannot sit upright for long due to his ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). Sitting upright makes him too tired. So he needs to be able to tilt his wheelchair back. But tilt alone isn’t good, because tilting backwards compresses his lungs too much and he doesn’t have the energy to inflate them, so he can’t breathe. So he needs recline, too.

But Brad’s insurance only covers wheelchairs based on diagnosis, not based on functional limitations. So the guy from the wheelchair place said they’d even have a hard time getting a regular power wheelchair approved for Brad!

He did have the idea to send us to a physiatrist who might be able to look at Brad and see if there is any diagnosis for his breathing issues with a tilt-only wheelchair. So we’ll see her and see what she says.

But it is looking likely we’ll have to pay for a wheelchair ourselves.

I was devastated after the evaluation, and wanted to cry. But I didn’t have time to cry because I had to go proctor a Service Dog in Training Manners Evaluation to someone who wants to join my Service Dogs on the Town class.

I picked up Scarlet, and we headed to Lowe’s. Hestia was very good! We saw two other dogs before the person we were meeting up with, and they both got right up in Hestia’s face. Hestia did a good job of sitting and not moving in to them, and even looking back up at me!

Then we saw this gorgeous sable Standard Poodle across the lot! It was Korra! Korra was a really great dog.

At first we just trained around each other for about 5 minutes or so. Hestia did a pretty good job of paying attention to me even though she was interested in Korra. I was proud of her!

We did the manners evaluation, and Korra passed!

I wished I had the energy to stick around and celebrate or talk more, but I had to get home to water the lawn. And cry a bit about Brad’s wheelchair situation.

Sorry there are no pictures. With Brad’s wheelchair not working, my photographer isn’t able to capture everything right now, and I forgot to get a picture with my cell phone.

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