Riverwalk to a seedy store 1

Today we did our first social thing in a year!!!!

We and Scarlet are technically 3 days away from being 2 weeks post-second-shot, but couldn’t wait any more.

This morning we picked Scarlet up and headed to the park! We went to Riverwalk, which is a trail along the river. It was really nice when we got there, but got pretty darn hot while we were walking!

Brad’s wheelchair is still stuck in elevated turtle mode, so it was a slow walk, but that was fine as I was pushing Scarlet in the wheelchair.

We saw lots of dogs, and Hestia did a pretty good job of the Look At That game– paying attention to me after she saw each dog to get a treat. One person as we were doing the training on the side of the trail let their dog come right up and lunge in Hestia’s face! Hestia did a good job of staying in her sit, though she was sorely tempted to go say hello!

We got out to our favorite stopping point and took some pictures, then headed back. By this point it was getting pretty darn hot, and Hestia was panting a lot. So she went in Scarlet’s lap.

But she didn’t want to be in Scarlet’s lap, so she kept alternating between lap and walking on her own. It was kinda scary as she was making a lot of noise with her breathing!

I think the difference is that we normally walk in Cherry Park which is all shaded, and Riverwalk is all in the sun. Plus we were walking later in the day so it was warmer. Definitely a drawback of a Japanese Chin– their heat intolerance!

After the park, we headed to Farmer’s Exchange so I could get some butternut squash seeds and Scarlet could get a plant for their porch. It’s definitely not easy to get around in for wheelchair users, but the employees were super helpful to us as we bumbled our way through the store!

When we got home, we were exhausted! It’s hard being back out in the world again!

Brad got a lot of pictures, and they are below. Most of the pictures are while walking at the park, and there are two in the store.

In the pictures, I am a rounded white woman wearing a blue dress with bees and flowers on it. I have my hair in a ponytail with an insect scarf around it, and am wearing a straw hat. In the store I have a blue mask with bees on it. Hestia is a small white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes and a purple leash.

Scarlet is wearing a black antisocial butterfly shirt and black shorts with insect tights. They have purple-blue hair that is shaved on the sides, spiderweb earrings, and are sitting in a purple wheelchair. In the store they are wearing a black mask with a rhinestone spider. Brad is a bearded man sitting in a power wheelchair that is elevated. He has on bright blue shoes, white linen pants with black stripes, a Carolina blue shirt and sweater, an orange scarf, a navy tie with orange and pink and other colors on it, and a scorpion pin. His hat is white with blue patterns and a blue and orange ribbon.

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