Training in Publix

Today we had to stop by Publix to get a few items that were out of stock in our last Walmart pickup order. I decided that since Hestia’s been a little rusty recently, that we’d make this a training outing!

I got out her favorite treats– Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried Wild Weenies and we headed inside. Hestia thinks these treats are the best tasting thing in the world, and I love them because it is super easy to pinch off a teensy tiny little bit as a reward. That means they last a long time and they won’t get your dog fat! In fact, I didn’t even use a whole one for the entire trip!

Hestia was SUPER happy to be training, and was very well behaved. She heeled like a champ, and hardly ever took her eyes off of me during the whole store. She was prancing and dancing next to me like it was the best outing ever LOL! I guess that’s what I get for breaking out her favorite treats for the first time in a year!

I got everything on my list, and decided to take a few pictures of Hestia using the new purple leash I got for puppy and a video of her doing tricks for her favorite treats!

In the video, I am holding up a bag of Wild Weenies and ask Hestia to do loops (spin left) and rounds (spin right). She gets all but one right! In the video and pictures, Hestia is a small white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes wearing a purple and blue and black galaxy vest. She has a purple leash with a black “service dog” leash slide on it. Pictures included are of her in front of a shopping cart, her in checkout, and her outside the store in the sunshine on the grass afterward.

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