Double dose trio

Today we got our second COVID vaccine! Wahoooooo!

Brad’s wheelchair is still stuck in the elevated position—theoretically it should be fixed in about two weeks. Luckily he can tilt the headrest and fit it in the van!

We also were able to squeeze his old manual wheelchair into the van, too. That way we didn’t have to carry Scarlet’s wheelchair down the stairs from their apartment.

Hestia was VERY excited to see Scarlet, and still very sad that she couldn’t say hi. She was OK in the vaccination clinic, but not great. Twice she tried to paws up on Scarlet’s wheelchair to say hi, and she was a bit sniffy in the lines. We’ll have to get back to training more in two weeks!

When we left the clinic, we got some pictures 🙂

In the pictures, I am a white woman with long brown hair wearing a teal dress with beige belt and necktie and a galaxy mask. Hestia is a small white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes wearing a galaxy vest. Scarlet is a person wearing a blue/purple cold-shoulder dress and black lace tights with black knee braces, and a grey mask sitting in a purple and black wheelchair. They have brown and teal green hair. Brad is a man with a beard wearing white pants, a red shirt, a red and white striped blazer, red shoes, a straw fedora, and a white and teal mask. He is in an elevated power wheelchair. In the pictures, you can see the bandaids on Scarlet and Veronica’s arms.

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