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It’s been almost two weeks since my first vaccine, and I’m feeling safe enough to go to the local park in the morning to walk! It is SO nice to walk somewhere other than my neighborhood!

This morning it was an unseasonably cold first day of spring, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to get out there. So I bundled Hestia up and we went to Cherry Park.

We walked the long loop at the park, which takes us 45 minutes. It is about a mile and a half long. That’s longer than I’ve walked at one time in a couple of years at least!!!

The park was pretty crowded with kids at baseball practice, but they weren’t on the trail. They were in the fields that the trail winds around. On the trail I only passed five people.

We stopped at a rocky outcrop along the trail to take a few pictures! In them, Hestia is a white and black dog with googley eyes and a smushed nose. She has a red coat with a hood on. In the first few pictures she is standing and then sitting on a small rock in an outcrop of three rocks. In the last few pictures, she is standing on a really big rock that is about at my waist height. In the middle there is one selfie where I (a white woman with brown hair wearing a red coat and pink poodle hat) am holding Hestia next to my face and smiling.

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